Debt consolidation

Having trouble maintaining your payments on multiple Credit Cards?

Afraid your mortgage repayments are about to default?

Feel overwhelmed by all the bills and reminders?

Debt Consolidation may be a solution for you.

It enables you to:

  • Clean up multiple debts.
  • Have only one payment to manage every month.
  • Keep your Credit Rating clean.
  • Use the equity of your property to manage your finances effectively.
  • Avoid unnecessary bank fees due to declined payments
  • See your bank accounts in credit at last
  • Begin saving for important future goals
  • Have funds for holidays and family outings

Sounds great! But, how do you know which bank or financial organisation to approach?

How do you find the best interest rate?

True Vision Financial Services Pty. Ltd; take your financial wellbeing seriously. We assist by researching and recommending suitable Lenders so you can choose powerfully.

If you need administration or legal papers attended to, we can recommend experienced, professional services who manage all those aspects for you.

Don’t stick you head in the sand and hope your debts will go away!

Be in charge of your money!


Talk to us today to determine how best we can help you gain financial freedom.